Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Crazy hot! (ie: how to stay cool in over 100* weather)

Currently, it is 102* here. The back poarch temp says 102* the front poarch temp (not in the sun, but behind a pole that is in the sun) says 106*. This is Western WA for goodness sake... this is scary. Yesterday it was 'neat'... today it is completely scary.

The kids and I are staying indoors where we will not get heatstroke and eating frozen grapes and having smoothies and sandwiches for dinner. I worry for our world when things are this off. I worry for our planet and what we have done to it.

Tomorrows forcast: 105*

In Seattle? That is insane.

So... lets turn this around... some things to do to stay cool:

Use a bandana, soaked in water, wrapped around your neck. This not only cools you down, but will also help protect from sunburn.

Take a cold shower. Even a 5 minute dunk in some luke warm water will help cool you off for a couple hours.

Wet your hair. I am always cold after washing my hair in the winter. The effect lasts all day long. So in the summer, I wash my hair much more often because it helps keep me cool, even though my hair is usually tightly in a bun.

Put your feet in cold water. Most of your heat is lost through your feet and your head. If your hair is wet, and your feet are in cold water the relief from the sweltering heat of the day will be huge.

Remember to stay hydrated!! I don't mean soda or even beer. As much as those things can be a momentary relief from the heat, they do the exact opposite of what your body needs when you are hot... they deplete your body of water! So keep up with staying hydrated with good old fashioned H20.

If you are cool on the inside, you will be cooler on the outside so keep up with your icewater and frozen treats. My friend Sarah posted this awesome list of her 'cool down' ideas on her facebook that included things like eating frozen blueberries, frozen grapes, sitting in front of a fan with a bowl of ice, and water games like her slip and slide (which she brought over to my house and they all had a blast when it was only 96* out). All of these things will help keep us cool and some will even make the day way more fun!

Wishing blogland a very safe and cool Wednesday!


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Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Yikes! That IS scary!! Sounds like you have a good strategy in place, and some great tips for staying cool.

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