Monday, July 6, 2009

Market Days and busy weeks for me

I have found way too many things to post about lately! Sometimes I just have no idea what to write, but lately it has been a flood of fun stuff and pictures I love. I hope you all are baring with me. Although I haven't found the inspiration to do menu monday again. lol...

Yesterday was market. It was my last market for a couple weeks as I took the next two weekends off for the kids birthday parties! I brought home lots of great stuff again this week though, including: a 2lb bag of peas, and a bunch of fresh carrots, 2 small cabbages, a bunch of mint, dill, cilantro, parsley, and spinach, 1 lb fresh (FIRST!) tomatoes along with a big yellow one for slicing, 2 lbs cherries, and 1 lb peaches (also first!), 4 bunches of wonderful yellow beats, and 6 small zuchinni. Some of this was bought for the housewarming party we are having tomorrow, and some was bought for us to snack on. All looks AMAZING though! July and August are such fun months to live locally!

I have a super busy month ahead. Tomorrow is the first of three parties I am throwing in the next two weeks. All necessary (two kids birthdays), so it should be busy, but fun. The house is starting to really pull together. I bought a couch cover for the first time ever... and it looks SO much better than our dirty old green couch. It was 25% off at Target and it already was a fraction of what it would have cost to get a new couch. I am off to get new pillows while we get groceries for the parties tomorrow moring.

I pulled out my sewing stuff!!! It is nicely sitting in the office behind me right now. What a beautiful site it is too. I only pulled it out once in the last house. That is once in 6 months. Sigh. I have missed it. I have many things planned. Mostly out of cool pillow cases that I found at Goodwill. I love recrafting!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday!


Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

The stuff from the market looks fabulous, and Yay!! for getting out the sewing stuff!! Can't wait to see what you come up with. I've had my eye out for some interesting sheets or pillowcases at Goodwill, but haven't found anything yet... I'll keep looking though! Good luck with all the parties! I bet it will be so much fun and I'm sure the kids will have a blast!

Sarah said...

Good luck with the parties!! I am sure they will all turn out wonderfully.

I had a question- we are up to our ears in tomatoes....and I canned some crushed, I have a bunch of romas but not enough to can. I remember reading about your roasted tomato sauce....did you peel/seed the tomatoes first? Or just blend everything? My boys are picky about types of sauce so I want to do a few trial recipes, and if it freezes well it is easier any help on homemade tomato sauce you can give me :) either here or you can email

Katie said...

I can't wait to see your sewing creations! You always inspire, I am busy knitting and sewing to cloth JH for the autumn/winter.
Have fun with the kids parties, I love the invites you got for Cyan!
You won my giveaway, so email me your new addy...

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