Saturday, July 18, 2009

Wool Craft ~ Budding Artist Gift Roll

Alex turned 13 yesterday. My baby is officially a teen. From Don and I this year, he got a good pocket knife, and some cash... but as I was going to bed, I realised that I really wanted to give him something homemade too. So I pulled out some of his favorite art supplies (and a new note book from a friend for his birthday) and made him a pencil roll with a sketch book holder.

It was super easy, so I thought I would share how, just in case someone has a budding artist in their family.

First, you gather the materials. You will need:

1 piece wool felt 10 X 12 inch wool felt
1 piece of 14 X 16 inch wool felt
1 8.5 X 4.5 small sketch book (bound on the long side)
at least 15 good colored pencils
and one big button and a piece of small elastic OR one old shoe lace

Then fold over the small piece of felt so that it fits almost the whole width of the books back cover and pin in place. Sew the flap down, coming in just slightly to make it snug on the book cover.

Measure the larger piece of felt and fold up the bottom 6 inches. This will make the pencil pocket and leave the piece about 10 inches high (just like the book holder piece).

Sew down the sides of this flap pocket as well. Then mark off and pin each 1 1/4 inch across the entire pocket.

Sew this pocket down on the 1 1/4 inch marks across the entire pocket. When you are sewing down pockets like this, you always start the needle ON the pocket, back stitch over the pockets edge on the fabric and then stitch down again. This way, the stress point is never on the edge of the pocket and it makes your whole project last longer.

Then you take the two pocket pieces (one opening on the left side (for the book) and the other (for the pencils) opening to the top) and pin them together. In that seam add the small piece of elastic to go around the button or, like I did, a recycled shoe lace. Sew up the seam with a small strait stitch and remember to back stitch a few times over the ties as this will be another point of stress.

Add all your art supplies and fold up to tuck into a bag or carry on bag.


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sarah in the woods said...

This is So good! Miah would love something like this and Larkin was just asking me for a new nature journal. It even looks easy enough for ME to make!

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