Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Dad's Wedding

This has been a really long week. I have had family in town for my dad's wedding, and then of course, food preservation on top of it. These last two weeks have been amazing. But really long.

The wedding was beautiful! It was very casual, and a lot more people showed up than they thought would have. Luckily, they had made it a potluck reception, so there was no worrying about how much food they had because everyone brought something to share! My favorite part of the ceremony was when they were saying their vows.

"Randy, will you hurt or anger Margret?"

"I may..." (followed by smiles and laughter)

"Will this be your intent?"


"Margret, will you hurt or anger Randy?"

"I may..." (giggling now)

Will that be your intent?


How true, and how beautiful??? That bit was followed by a Celtic hand fasting, and then the traditional "You may now kiss the bride" and lots of clapping. Some dancing, conversation, and good potluck food and it was over. But it was a beautiful evening.

For the potluck, I took two batches of my Anyberry Bars... one with wild Cloud berries, and the other with Blackberries. Both were a hit... the blackberry didn't even make it half way through dessert.

There was one embarrassing moment though. Logan, being very two, is also much more verbal than most two year olds. lol... and as Cyan (the flower girl) and Dad and Margret were walking down the isle to the waves crashing on the beach, he piped up with "Why are they not talking? This is dumb." Yeah... I was mortified, and I don't know where he got that either. But everyone laughed and no one really remembered afterward so I hope it doesn't go down in the Rose family history that our children are rude at weddings. ;) There was another moment when they were saying their vows and Logan says "I DO!" really loud. That was a little bit cuter. lol... And luckily, the only one of his little outbursts that was caught on video.




simply patti said...

This was a precious post... "I do!" Grandpa will remember that one forever; I'm sure :)

Blessed Be

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Awwww... Logan's such a cutie and I love their vows. That is the best! Sounds like a great wedding!

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