Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ecolovies ~ Recycled Dairy Containers for Blueberry Picking

We have been running to the blueberry patch whenever we are going across town... so I decided to whip up some little wool felt buckets that could always be in the car when we need them. Inside these cute little covers is a sour cream tub and a ricotta cheese tub.

I just wrapped them in felt by measuring around the tub and the tubs height, and then making a rectangle that was 1/2 inch larger than around the tub (seam allowance).

Then I cut out a circle the same size as the top (not the bottom of the tub, I figured it would be a natural seam allowance) and sewed them together.

The strap is bias that I had left over from the pillowcase dress projects, and then I decorated them with some wood buttons and more felt leaves. I double stitched over the handles and stitched all the way around the top so the wool doesn't stretch out and become loose around the container.

I really love the way they turned out, and they work really well too!



Judy said...

How cute. What a great idea. Good for little blueberry pickers.

Sarah said...

very cute, and much prettier than the cut off milk jugs with a belt through the handle that our patch uses. Although I am very glad they are reusing!

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