Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Just thrifting the day away

I've got cherries, beets, and blueberries waiting for me... but when we went to get the blueberries and the freezer this afternoon, I couldn't help but stop at some thrift shops for a quick gander. Which took 3 hours. Eeeek! I am not sure what I was thinking, but it has been a fun day. :) Now I am back home and we are arranging the garage for the new freezer and cherries are in the dryer (which will be posted about later). Blueberries and beets still wait, but before I begin on those, I have to show you what I got for my time today:

"School clothes" for Cyan:

GAP perfect tee, size Med, two Old Navy perfect tees with puffed sleeves size Med, a cute off brand happy flower shirt, two Henley's from Old Navy size Med, A grey GAP tee, a pair of jean shorts, and a rainbow striped Gymboree hoodie t-shirt with apple buttons (not pictured. Cyan is wearing it right now).

The basket above and the jar in front of that were also thrifted today. That basket is a KILLER find! I just love it! It is all black metal, and in nearly perfect shape (I think one tine is bent). What a neat find!

Believe it or not, these are going to be MORE school clothes for Cyan. Pillow cases! Gotta love them! The top two are skirt fabric for my girl (that go along with the shirts above), and the next three down are flannel for Logan for pj's, and white cord to dye and make into pants for my little man. And finally a pink leaves duvet cover for Cyan's bed that I want to make into my very first stippling quilt. On the very bottom is a wool blanket I would love to salvage with a bit of bias and some fun stitching. These may become exactly what I bought them for, or they may evolve. When you spend $3.99 on a wool blanket, it can be turned into anything you want and you will feel good about it!

And Don's find of the day... a Jelly Belly machine. :) (We put the jelly beans in it) It was the most expensive thing we got at $5.99, but the kids are SO excited to have one. So it was worth it.

My least expensive find. $.49 and 50% off (tag sale) for this cute little hand embroidered and finished table clothe. So cute! This worksmanship should be worth way more, but I was happy to find it for the price I did.

Then of course, the blueberries we picked up. 30# of goodness there. The rain TOTALLY plumped them up. They are sweet and ready to be frozen.

Now before you think I am completely crazy for getting pillow cases for my daughters school clothes, let me show you this:

Pillow case skirts with 50% off used tops. Whole outfits that cost $3 a piece. I will have her wear her Old Navy lace bottom leggings with these (she has brown and black) and she will have two full outfits that even with the new leggings cost $9 a piece.

Here is the other one. Kinda funky, but I like it. :)

I am SO crazy happy with the last couple days of thrifting, storing, and sewing projects that I am about fit to bursting with ideas for the rest of the month! I will have to tame myself and try to set some sort of schedule to get all these projects done between preserving food, because if I don't, I am liable to burn out. But wow... I am a happy, inspired mama today!



HereBeDragons said...

I would never have thought of pillowcase skirts.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what the obsession with the Jelly Belly Machines are but my neighbor just found one at a yardsale last weekend too and filled it up with beans!! My son, Seth, loves turning it and getting the jelly beans out of it (that he doesnt eat but stacks into groups).

Katie said...

Um....I am totally jealous! Great finds, can't wait to see your stippling, that is in my near future as well, oh for the sheets on my blog, they were called Katie Patchwork, that is why my mom got them for me....I am determined to find them :)

Nessa said...

What fabulous finds! Your really found some good deals and nice things! Oh, and I wish I weren't across the country because you have such a wonderful abundance of healthy foods! I want to grab some of those blueberries! LOL :o)

Jenny said...

Great finds! I love turning sheets into clothes.

Anonymous said...

You sound like me. I recently founf two eyelet dresses that are about 6 sizes too large for my daughter but Im going to cut them down to make her two otfits. I paid 2 dollars a piece

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

These are all great finds! I love repurposing old pillowcases and bed sheets into new outfits, and the ones you picked up look fabulous! Oh my goodness the blueberries look GREAT!

And congrats on your first ripe tomato!!!

The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

You'd have to be crazy NOT to make cute skirts from those pillowcases!

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