Monday, August 3, 2009

Market days

My list for this week:

Green leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, kale, celery, red cabbage, green cabbage, cucumbers, chives, parsley (curly and flat), cilantro, green beans, Roma beans, broccoli, paipan squash, baby Italian zucchini, carrots, the most delicious baby artichokes, cherries, nectarines, and a dozen fresh eggs.

Yesterday was hot. Really hot. Luckily we had the tent and were in the shade, but it still doesn't stop 93* from getting to you when you stand in it all day long. I was so tired by the time I got home that I fell asleep while my kids were still up. Then, being hungry, they woke me up and I made popcorn and sliced peaches for dinner, let them watch a movie, and then put everyone to bed early. Including me. I slept for 12 hours and am still a little worn out. It was a long day.

BUT... what beautiful produce comes out of this horridly hot weather!

Our stand... isn't it beautiful??

It's is harvest time again. Beans are ready for putting away, and therefore I have three boxes of them in my kitchen, awaiting topping, blanching and freezing. The cooler at the farm was so full that they can't fit anymore in... and that means more for me! ;)




Sarah said...

YIKES! Thats a lot of beans! Beautiful picture of your market stall- all that beautiful bounty :)

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Your stand looks gorgeous! 93 degrees??? That is insane! You've had such horridly hot weather lately. Send some of that sunshine our way, will ya? ;-)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Done Valerie. ;) Today it is 70* and overcast with bits of sun. I am in heaven. It feel so good! I have all my windows and doors open and I am blanching beans in the cooler weather and watering gardens. Sigh... beautiful day.


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