Friday, August 14, 2009

Upcycled Sewing in the Cooler Weather

This week has felt like fall. I see 90* days on the forecast for next week, but from this rainy 50* morning, it is hard to believe it. Hot teas in the mornings, movies after dinner wrapped in blankets, and the "hurry up and close the door" comments as we come in seems to be saying different. We went blueberry picking yesterday in down vests from our "winter gear" box in the garage that was pulled out just for the occasion. It is time to plan for those chilly days.

This time of year always inspires me to sew and take a break from the food preserving frenzy. I start thinking of school clothes, blankets for warmth, and pulling the house together.

Organizing things with needle and thread. It is a beautiful thing.

Last week I ordered Amanda Soule's new book, Handmade Home. It is sent media mail, so it will take a while to get to me, but in the mean time, I got the library's copy... cuz I just couldn't wait. What a wonderful set of projects this book is! I just love all of her ideas. This book is less 'my style' than her last book (The Creative Family), but of course, any ideas can be modified for any style. So this morning I finished my first project from the book.

The re-purposed wool blanket with quilt edging. In the book, hers has little felted flowers on it with cute little buttons in the middle... but I haven't finished the kids sweater hats yet, so I don't have wool to spare at the moment. Perhaps that will be an add on later... perhaps I will leave it like it is. The kids seem to be ok with that idea:

Yesterday I finished the bowl covers for Callista, my giveaway winner. They are in the mail on the way to her now. I hope she enjoys them as much as I do! (The tiny one is for the kids play kitchen.)

And of course, the pillowcase skirt:

Cyan is almost too big for just a single pillow case to be enough fabric for her clothes anymore. It is awfully cute!! But it would have fit a little better when she was still a size 6. (Directions to come.) I will have to modify to see what I can do to make these simple things last longer for her.... perhaps pannels? I have some ideas I am working out.




Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

I am sooooo SOOOOOOO jealous that you got your hands on that book so soon! I ordered it and it won't be in until the 28th, so it feels like forever and my library doesn't have it yet either. Boo!!!

I love the blankets!! Can't wait to make projects of my own!

sarah in the woods said...

Adorable skirt . . . Miah's been wanting more skirts.

Jenny said...

Great sewing projects! You've inspired me to make some skirts for my daughter too.

Unknown said...

Ditto the great sewing projects!!! I can't get my hands on the book for a while either... It will be years, if ever, that my tiny library has a copy.

Callista said...

the covers look great!! the colors are going to match perfectly :) cant wait to use them!
the pattern on her skirt is adorable, too!


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