Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ecolovies ~ Recycled Wool Sweater Hats

It's that time of year again. The time when all of us northerners want to stay inside and keep a blanket on with a hot cup of something. For my kids that is perfect playing outside weather... however... keeping them warm is a must.

This idea came strait out of Handmade Home... I finally got my copy of the book and have already started writing notes in it on the projects I want to make and the modifications I need to make for my own handmade home. I am truly in love. Amanda Soule's ideas speak to my heart in so many ways. I was already living that life. I buy used and local whenever I can and have for years... to see a successful mama live the way that I do is very affirming. And wow... she is a creative soul!

So today, I made the wool sweater hats. One for each of the kids (I have on Alex's because he and I are the same size). It was simple. I went to the Value Village sale, and got three wool sweaters, paying at most $3.49 for them. Then I washed them in hot, twice, and dried them on high. They felted beautifully! Even the one I was worried about that was only 90% lambs wool.

Some little tips I found out. The 'youth/adult small' size starts at Cyan's age (8) for my kids. This may not be true... my kids may just have big heads, but Cyan's is a child's large and it isn't quite long enough. So just something to keep in mind if you try this pattern out.

The other is that the tighter the seams the better they lay. That seems like a no-brainer, but if you have the larger seams, the hats tend to puff up off the head.... that doesn't look as good.

And I love the embellishments Amanda did! The little birds are super cute, but for Cyan's I took some scraps from a friends stash and just cut shapes then put a cute button in the center. It worked out great!

The band beneath this hat is another scrap from the my friend Teresa... she makes clothes at the market and gives us all her scraps for fun things to make! I thought that the layer look on this hat was particularly cute.

Oh and if you don't have a baby to make the sleeves into hats for (they are really small after the felting) make them into arm warmers! I will show those another day, but Cyan loves hers. :)




Katie said...

They all look great!!!
Jack would love the hat, what can we trade for the bowl covers? What do you need? Something made? Supplies? Let me know.

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Gorgeous! I love it! I marked the same pattern to try, and I have some wool sweaters that I saved just for felting. I'm really starting to look forward to Fall!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Katie: I really don't need anything... I could use a larger version of the wash clothes you gave me, but that can be anytime. Doesn't have to be in trade. I just thought that Jack would like the hat and you would actually use it. I love giving stuff to people who like it. :)

Valerie: That top one would fit Em... do you want it? I will send it to you with the fabric.

BTW... I love both of you. You guys are great blog friends. :)


Lizz said...

I'm feeling the fall here too. Haven't yet gotten a copy of that book. Looks good?

Love to you and thank you for your support in my time.


Nessa said...

The hats look lovely! I think the one Cyan is wearing is very sweet.


Hannah said...

Hi, this is the first time I visit your blog an I must say I love it! Your photos, your food and garden and the stuff you craft. A really great blog!


(PS: I'm from Germany, my English could be bad... I don't know...)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Hannah: You wrote in English beautifully. :) Nice to meet you! And thank you for the wonderful compliment.

Lizz: Always sending you love my friend. I hope you are doing well today.

Nessa: Thanks! It's my fav so far. You know I got two out of each sweater and THREE out of one! :) I call that bang for my buck. *hehe!*

Katie said...

Thanks Val! You are so sweet, I will make you some more washcloths, email me the measurements you were thinking....I am going to email you my new addy.
Love you too! Isn't the internet (most of the time) awesome??

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Oh, wow!! That would be so awesome! Thank you so much! I know Emily would just adore it! You rock!!!

Anonymous said...

Val--I know what you mean about Amanda Blake Soule--I absolutely love reading her words,seeing her pictures, and soaking in the creativity and values she offers out to the world. Cyan's hat is really fantastic, and I love the last shot there, too. ;)

Hat season is coming. . . I'll be knitting some up for my kids soon.

Christine at Origami Mommy said...

I love it - I'm searching for ideas to use up a bunch of wool sweater scraps I have. Thanks for the inspiration!

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