Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ecolovies ~ Sewing Cards for Older Kids

On the Cereal Box Mini Boxes tutorial I was talking about using a tiny hole punch for my daughters sewing projects. I was just reminded of this as I looked through The Creative Family for inspiration last night. Tonight, I made Cyan some new sewing cards and I thought I would show you guys how I do it. She has become quite the little hand seamstress, and is getting better all the time, but for a brush up on some of her stitches I use these.

Cyan mostly sews on paper so far... she hand sews on real heavy card stock and machine sews through simple mazes printed on lighter card stock. Both of these help her get the techniques down before she starts cutting into her own fabric projects. Slowly but surely she is moving up to felt, but I have found that paper is the easiest way to learn the stitches and how to use the sewing machine for beginners.

First, gather your materials. On my messy table tonight were:

An old cereal box (still the best card stock around!)
a good pair of scissors
different hole punches (I have three different sizes)
a bunch of Sharpies
embroidery thread
different kinds of needles (including plastic ones for the youngest)

Draw a picture that you like and is easy to cut out on the inside of the cereal box. (Trees were inspired by The Creative Family... what a cute design!)

Then, cut it out and color it.

After you have completed your picture, choose what stitch you would like your little one to practice. For this card she is doing a Chain Stitch:

Here are the three sizes I chose:

The top one is for a simple stitch, the second is for a blanket stitch, and the third is for a chain stitch. Each one will have it's own piece of thread that is secured at the end with a button so it doesn't just come through the hole; like so:

Then to sewing!

A note on needles: The plastic needle she was using can be found at a regular craft store in the notions section. For the blanket and chain stitch I used a 'doll' needle, which I got in an embroidery needle set, also found in the notions section. I use the larger needles so they are easier for her to hold. The plastic needle was for when she was younger, but it works well for Logan now.

As I handed them to her, she said "Oh! I love these!" and immediately started sewing away. Can't get much better response than that. ;)


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Anonymous said...

I love this project. We've had the plastic version of theses from a barn sale a couple of years ago, but this is so much better! A good project for mornings before my daughter's UPK program this year. I've got a list going. . .

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