Sunday, September 27, 2009

Farm Party

Last week we had the annual barn stomp farm party! It was so wonderful. The music and the food far out did last years event, although I missed the games that we so enjoyed last year.

The beautiful, sunny fall weather quickly turned cold as the sun went down. But we had a great three hours of dancing, eating, and enjoying the beauty of the farm. My friend Dustin was the chef this year and omgoodness did he do an amazing job! He and his helpers set out an incredible feast that included an entire roasted pig (raised by another friend of mine), a bunch of coho salmon, and more veggies from the farm than you can imagine. It was amazing (not to mention DELICIOUS!)

Here is a slideshow of the highlights... what a fabulous evening!



Rachel said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun! I wish there was a similar event in our area!

Tan Family said...

What fun! I wish that we lived closer to you. Terrific pictures. :)

Nessa said...

Wow! That looks like an amazing event! Everyone looks so peaceful and happy. I have to tell you how different it seems where you live and where I live. Perhaps I'm just over where I live. You are truly blessed to live in such a wonderful part of the country.

And the food.....holy cow! :o)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Washington is an amazing area. I love it... that said, the part of WA I live in, you have to REALLY search for this type of stuff. I live in a big city... that is known all across the state for it's crime. To find this community in that... well it takes a lot of effort. lol! It is very true though.... I am very blessed.



Jody said...

The food looks incredible! I must be hungry...

Anonymous said...

Hi Val. I'm very much enjoying your blog. A friend came across the bowl covers and sent the link to me and I started looking around at your site. It is beautiful, all that you do! I have a lot of very similar interests. My famiy is currently looking to move to Washington or Oregon so that we can grow all (or as much as we possibly can) of our own food. I've been searching around for the right place to do this but don't know anyone to ask who has the same values/ideals as me. So I thought I would try you! We'd like to have a little bit of land (like a 1/2 acre...) but not be too far out from the rest of the people. Do you have any suggestions on areas of WA that would be good for a garden growing, chicken raising, farmer's market shopping, nature loving, craft making, homeschooling,community loving, dumpster diving, extended breastfeeding, hiking, biking, walking mama of 3 little ones? My personal email is if you'd rather respond there. Any suggestions you could offer would be so greatly appreciated :)


Val in the Rose Garden said...

Nice to meet you Krista. I emailed you. :)


Katie said...

Love the pics! The food looks amazing! How fun :)

Staci @ Designing and Motherhood said...

Wow that is so interesting. It seems like a close gardening community. Did I understand correctly? You work for this farm (with the party) and sell their produce for them on Sundays. Do you help plant the produce for just sell. I am a better saleswoman personally. I have lots to learn. YUMMY stuff!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Hey Staci: I work at this farm only on the weekends. Actually, I am very rarely at the farm, you read right, I only do the market. But, I live about 2 hours from the farm. I live 'in the city' outside Seattle. Where I live, gangs and violence are prevalent... but that said, there is a tight knit community here too. It just takes looking. I have found this community, and I am SO blessed (I honestly would not live here long without it) and I love living here because of the connections I have made. But it isn't a place I would 'choose' to live. Like ever. We are here because our lives are here.... and we love it because we love the life we have created. It isn't an organic existence to be a homesteading, homeschooling mama in this area. I am considered terribly strange. ;)

I don't know how else to describe it. But I do love my community, and my friends. They make this place shine with potential.


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