Sunday, September 6, 2009

Garden Photos

As you can imagine... moving twice in a 7 months does not lend itself well to a fruitful garden... but we have gotten a few things.

My first crop of purple potatoes! :) It was very exciting. I think we even got enough for a dinner later this week.

Minutes after I took this picture, that basil went into pesto for the freezer for winter. That just has to be good for you! Those tomatoes were put on nachos later that night as well... Even Logan ate them. :D My little boy is growing up.




sarah in the woods said...

Your purple potatoes are beautiful!

Nessa said...

You potatoes are gorgeous! Looks like some great produce coming from your home! :o)


Mom said...

It is amazing that you have had time to get anything out of the summer garden! It is almost time for the winter vegies so you might get more out of that crop.

Brie said...

Just running by to see if I left a comment on this post...purple potatoes(which I'd never seen at our grocery store before!) were 7.99 a pound. Needless to say I didn't get any but thought of you just the same:)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Isn't it amazing how expensive they are??? They are $3.99 for a 1 lbs bag at Trader Joe's and that is the cheapest I have ever seen them. The kids really enjoyed putting them in stone soup the other day. :)


Kiyi Kiyi said...

I love love purple potatoes!
This is the first year I've grown them.
They are so sweet. Yum.

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