Tuesday, September 15, 2009

In my kitchen at 4:29pm on Tuesday, Sept. 15th, 2009

I set up this table in the center of my kitchen when things get really crazy. You can see my whole set up here. Cutting board and knife in the center, big bowl or pan always to the right of me. Garbage bowl always to the left.

On the table is plums from a friends tree, a pot of apples about to be made into Strawberry Applesauce, a big bowl of bruised fruit to be made into fruit cocktail, and some little green apples from our little tree in the garden.

On the counter there are three half flats of blueberries for blueberry jam.

To the left side of the table is a laundry basket of apples for apple sauce.

Under the table is a box of beets for cake (it isn't full, thank goodness), and two lugs of tomatoes for sauce.

This is my view from where I stand at the other side of the table:

Here is where my littlest plays while I am doing my stuff. Sometimes I give him the less messy scraps to play with in his kitchen. Like the bean tops, or the little green tomato tops.

It is a pretty great set up... I am loving this house the more things I do in it. This kitchen isn't ideal for everyday... there is a lot of 'wasted' space. But for this type of endeavor, it is perfect. Just more proof that this house was meant for us... not just anyone... but for us.

And just as an aside, that table cloth was made from the sheets I posted about in this post. :) It fits both this table and my kitchen table perfectly... and I have enough for 8 napkins besides.




Best Wishes, Marie said...

you are a good person !!

Chiot's Run said...

I need a table like this for canning, I'm always running out of the space. I usually take over the dining table and open the top drawer beside the oven and put a cutting board on it for additional counter space.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

That table has been invaluable for the last few years. It is a fold up one from Costco. I think I paid $60 for it and split it with my brother for a thanksgiving dinner about 6 years ago. It has been stored in my garage ever since and I have used it for everything. Classes I teach, dinner parties, food buffet, canning, art stuff outside... you name it. It has been great! It is a little banged up now, but the legs still are in perfect shape and if I throw a table cloth over it, you would never know. I would highly recomend one of these for any house hold.


Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Your family must eat so well all year round! That is amazing! Beautiful table cloth, and I love how it was made from the thrifted sheet. :-) The new house is such a perfect fit for you guys!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks Valerie! We do eat really well... but I have to say that this is the first year I have done this much of everything. I have done most of these things before (except canning green beans and peppers) but I have not done nearly this much. Part of it is because I haven't had to. My family didn't eat nearly as much as they do now (with two 'kid' eaters and three 'adult' eaters), and on top of that, the availability just wasn't there. The free food I have pouring in my doors at the moment is a new thing (at this level) and so I am doing more of everything.... because... why not?

Love Val

Shari said...

You will be so happy to pull out some of these beautiful canned goods in mid winter! How much work you are doing that will save so much in months to come. Good job!

You are right it is the perfect home for you all. Great choice.

Thanks for the tips on the market too.

Katie said...

Val! You amaze me, how do you find all that energy :)

I love your little kitchen for Logan, JH needs one....trying to figure out how to DIY one or save up for one...hmmmm....

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Katie: here is the link for our first kids kitchen I made way back in the day.


They loved and used it for years. And it was really easy to make. I used recycled boards no less! Super simple, super fun.

Love Val

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Shari (aka: mom ;) ): I hope it does. This is the most I have ever processed... and I am really hoping it pays off. I finished the fruit cocktail today... I used a pineapple juice mix for the syrup and blueberries instead of grapes and cherries... but I really hope it turns out good. At least it will be good in shakes if it doesn't. Right?


Anonymous said...

I love how he can play so close by, and watch it all happen. Your pantry is going to be so beautifully colorful with all that preserving! We're hoping to make some salsa this weekend and go apple-picking, too. Our apple tree is dormant this year and we are sorely missing its bounty.

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