Friday, September 11, 2009

School starts... and so does applesauce.

We started school today... and I am currently making strawberry applesauce for the year.

Times are busy.

My craft room keeps calling me... but then I get sucked back into reality. There is so much to do this time of year... but I really want to be crafting. Sigh.

We have had beautiful weather lately. Even the rain is warm and sweet and feels perfect. When the sun is out (like it was today) it feels like such a treat. You want to go out and bask in it and make sure you get the full effects. For us, this could be the last stint of sun we see for months.

Trying to be grateful.... but I am very tired. So blessed. I know I am oh so blessed. But so very tired of being tired.

So let me share some kid cuteness with you... here is Logan before Cyan's 'Tiny Party' when he and dad were taking off to go to the zoo (must notice who is in his carseat... of her own accord):




mandi said...

i love that first photo- very cool!

i say enjoy some of that lovely weather with a quilt and a book!

sarah in the woods said...

Strawberry applesauce sounds heavenly!

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