Friday, September 25, 2009

Today feels like a Spontaneous Gratitude kind of day.

Sometimes it is so hard to maintain perspective. It feels like the world is crashing down. And you know you are probably being too dramatic, and you know that you have beautiful things in your life..... but for that moment, they all escape you. That feeling, in essence, is why I started this blog in the first place. To categorize those moments that kept me going. Those times when I have been down, and thought "gosh, I am such a lazy lump and do nothing all day" and then I look back on here. I read a few of my own posts (does that make me strange?) and I feel better about myself. Because I do love what I do. I may not get paid (except in hugs), I may not fully be able to see the fruits of my labors until my children are grown and I see how they chose to live their lives. And then again, they may take different paths and I may never see the influence that I have had. But in collecting these moments, in having these precious days not slip away unnoticed, I am able to feel the true worth of the life I live.

After the last four days, I feel the need to spend some time being thankful. The shelf breaking, the craziness with my kids, and then scare at the farm yesterday.... I am feeling a bit helpless. There is so much to be grateful for... There is so much good. It is just hard to see at times like this. So here is my spontaneous gratitude for this hectic, sad, and crazy week.

My new apron.

Late bloom roses that are set all around my house.

First of fall crafts.

And last but not least, a tsunami resistant, earth quake proof, 2X4 reinforced pantry shelf:

(This is the 2X4 secured to the wall with 3 inch galvanized decking screws. Then the shelf is attached to it. There are two of these support boards, along with the nature of the 2X3 built shelves in the first place... that sucker is going nowhere!)

I am grateful!



Dina said...

awesome job on the shelves!!

have a great weekend ;)

Staci @ Designing and Motherhood said...

I hear ya. I blog to focus on the positive and creative side....away from my mommy role of the same old same old. I need to be creative and celebrate the things I do, like, or want to do besides changing diapers etc. It's a release sometimes. I understand. Keep it up it's good for the mommy soul. Staci

Melissa said...

I was all..Oooh look at the pretty things and then the shelving actually made me smirk. Good job. Have fun filling them!

Lizz said...

LOVE to you. I just read about your wild week.

Take a day off and enjoy yourself. That is important too.


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