Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Interview with LaFuji Mama

Last week I was flattered to be interviewed by one of my favorite blog moms, La Fuji Mama. It was a fun chat and I really enjoyed talking with her about my passion for good, local food and how it led me to my work at the Ballard Farmers Market.

Interview with La Fuji Mama.

This mama is a wonder... let me tell you. I have a hard time getting things done with my one toddler, and she has two kiddos under three yrs. Amazing! And she can bake. That in and of itself is awe-inspiring to me. My house is the place where bread comes to die. I hope that you can take the time to check out the interview and her other amazing posts. Enjoy!

BTW This is the cartoon I was refering to in the interview:

Plug for Farmers Market

I think it shows the choices quite nicely. ;)




Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

What a great interview! Very inspiring, and I love the photos and pasta recipe... wow, that looked delicious AND healthy! Yum!!

Rachael Hutchings said...

THANK YOU for agreeing to do the interview! My reading list has grown tenfold because of you! ;)

sarah in the woods said...

Val, this was a great interview. Very inspiring and the recipe looks wonderful. I really have the problem of cooking healthy food my family likes. They pretty much don't like my cooking unless it's not healthy. What to do? I just keep trying but it gets really hard to make food and continually have to throw it in the compost because I can't eat it all. This recipe for example which I think looks incredibly delicious - I have no doubt they wouldn't touch it. Any help?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Sarah: I am a mean horrible mother. Really. I make this stuff anyway. Even if they don't like it. lol... I always make sure they have bread, or potatoes, or meat... something they like around so they don't starve (but still good for them). But I don't stop making good food because my family doesn't like it. And they always have to try it. The first thing I did when starting this was to teach them about tastebuds. Did you know that taste buds die and grow faster than any other part of the human system? They change ALL THE TIME. So therefore, so are their tastes. Your entire tounge replaces itself from the inside in less than a year (I believe, don't quote me on that, crazy short amt of time anyway). I always have them taste things to see if they 'have grown' or not. And then if they still don't like it (after three bites) I tell them that they must not be quite big enough, and we move on through dinner.

Told you. Mean, horrbile mom. ;)

Love Val

Nessa said...

What a wonderful interview, very inspiring! I did not realize all the hard work and charity involved with the market and farm. I'm so totally impressed. You truly are doing wonderful thing for the community and your family. I also loved Fuji Mama's blog. Think I'll start reading hers more often as well.

Thanks and again, excellent reading!


sarah in the woods said...

Ha! I don't think you're mean at all. I do make the kids take a bite of everything on the table, and they might go for the tastebud thing. It's really dh who gives me the most trouble. I mean, if he won't touch something, how can I convince the kids they can actually like something that is the color green?
Oh well, perseverance seems to be the key.

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