Friday, October 9, 2009

Preserving Food ~ Dried Apple Chips

We still have some apples left over even though our pantry is now stuffed full with strawberry applesauce, so I thought that the food dehydrator needed some more work.

I remember apple chips fondly as a child. My mom would cut them up and put them in our oatmeal, rehydrate them for baking, or even just drop some in a bowl for an afternoon snack.

A corer/peeler/slicer is really kind of essential in making these easy. It took us about 10 minutes to get fill up two dehydrators and I was teaching the kids how to do it at the same time.

It made fast work of the hard parts.

You just cut one slit down the side of the sliced/cored apple, place them on the tray, and get ready to enjoy your chips!

I have read that you can dip them in water with two capsules of Vitamin C in it and they will retain their color better. I don't mind the mild brown they took on. I think the essential part was getting them to the dryer from the cutting quickly. With my little helpers, it took no time.

Dehydrate for 4 - 6 hours or until done to your liking. We like ours just past crispy.

Store in an airtight container and enjoy!



Domestic Goddess Designs said...

I love dried apples! My girls eat them faster than I can make them, though sometimes it's me who has attacked them all. Of course, now I have to go get some extra apples and make some. :)

Anonymous said...

Love your blog --- and have been thinking about getting a dehydrator for some time now. I'm unsure though, which one to get (reviews on that are pretty confusing) and would appreciate it if you could tell me which one you're using and how you like it.
(Also, if you don't mind, how much it approx. cost ;)
Thanks, Iris

Anonymous said...

Great looking apples. I've always thought that they are one of the best fruits to dry.

On dehydrators, entry level dehydrators run around $40. High end dehydrators, like Excalibur are very good and can run over $200. The entry level dehydrators typically do not have important features like good air flow or adjustable thermostats which are critical components of a food dehydrator and in drying food. Nesco makes a good line of dehydrators and they tend to run between about $65 to $120. Best

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Yummy! And healthy too!! :-)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Iris: I wish I could help you more, but both of mine were handmedowns. I love the one with the temp control though. I set it to 135 for the apple chips. It worked in less time than the one that is always at 130... probably has better air flow too. But like I said, both handmedowns. Must be 20 years old or so? Love them. :)

Good luck finding one you love! I sure love mine.



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