Sunday, November 1, 2009

Of babies, bread, and bruises

I unwrapped Logan's foot last night. It seems so much better. Arnica cream and the bandage are helping a whole lot. It is so hard to judge hurts with tough toddlers. When he first jumped off the couch and landed wrong on his foot he seemed broken. Couldn't walk. Wanting only to be held and read to for about an hour. I called the nurse at our Dr office (which is now 40 minutes away) and she said to give it until 3pm if he could walk on it. He could, he just didn't want to. She said to wait and then go into Urgent Care instead of the ER. So I wrapped it, read to my baby, and waited. By the time 3pm rolled around he was running after balls in the backyard. No kidding. I thought that I had overreacted. And then I unwrapped it.

This looks good. Oh SO good compared to three days ago. And you can only see the side... the bruise goes all the way down the bottom of his foot and half way across the top in, what is now, a big green/yellow stain. That night when I took the bandage off, it was so swollen that his big toe was pointing down slightly. Goodness that boy is tough. It hurts me just to look at it... and he was running within hours. Amazing! I still have put the bandage and arnica cream on it every single day and will until the bruise is gone. But it seems to be healing nicely now.

This is his current perch. He sits on the counter while I cook. This loaf of bread is from Great Harvest Bread Co next to Trader Joe's. It is a feta and spinach loaf... he calls it "pizza bread". He has been snacking on bread for about 5 days now. Doesn't really eat much else. Good thing I get good bread.

He is so spirited. My baby. Yells all the time. I think that he has two talkative older siblings and it makes it hard to know when he will get cut off, or pushed out of the way for something more important... so he yells. It always makes for an interesting day.




5orangepotatoes said...

GASP! How horrific, would be hard for me to look at too! It reminds me of a time araina hit her nose of a toy box, it was so swollen and she ended up with 2 black eyes. She was only 2yo and very pathetic. Not a good thing to see black and blue or swellings on the babes!

I'm so glad he's doing better.


Chell said...


Val in the Rose Garden said...

Lisa: Yes, it is like that... where she is running around acting fine, but every time you look at her you just want to grab and cuddle her! He has recovered so much faster than I have. I just want to hold him and keep him safe right now.



Sarah said...

Wow, that's quite a bruise! My kids usually recover quicker than my heart starts beating....glad he's recovering. Lakin's my spirited one too....sometimes I seriously think he will be diagnosed as manic/depressive later in life....

Simple Mama said...

Wow! That bruise is startling to look at! I can't imagine how it felt. Toddlers are amazing, resilient creatures. I would have been moaning on the couch with ice, ace bandages, and pain killers. I'm glad he seems to be doing better.

The bread looks delicious.

Cassie McCollum said...

His foot could be badly sprained. My dd did something similar. We ended up needing physical therapy to correct the injury. Might be worth a trip to the Dr.

Susan said...

Oh my what a bruise!!! We will keep him in our thoughts for continued healing! Kids are something else...
And that bread - mmmmmm.

Nessa said...

What a tough little guy!

I love how he ate out patches from the crust of the bread. I am from that camp too. I love crispy and hearty crusts! I always fight for the end piece and will scrape up the crust crumbs and eat them after slicing. Go Logan!

Dina said...

poor baby - hope it all gets better soon!!

and yummy bread!!

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