Saturday, November 21, 2009

Trip to the Olympic Game Farm

The Olympic Game Farm

That is where we went to yesterday. We drove slowly through these herds of animals that I have never even seen this closely before and they stuck their noses right inside the car for a piece of bread! It was so neat. Many of the animals are old animal actors or descendants of animal actors. Wild herds and savage beasts in movies like "Grizzly Adams" and "Homeward Bound; The Incredible Journey" retire here.

To see these animals up close was amazing. Bears waved at us, elk stuck their face in our car, a bison stuck his whole head in and got us all dirty (and few! Did he smell!). The kids didn't know what to think. Most of them were fine, but Logan was curled up in my lap with his hands over his face for the larger, more insistent critters. Poor kid was scared to death! He loved the bears though. Safely behind fences, the bears have huge roaming areas and will come to the fence for a snack. They caught bread in their mouths and then waved at us. I think that one was a retired circus bear or something because he really liked to perform.

I did have some issues with the small cages the carnivores were in. The 'performance' critters were all in these huge pens, and then the ones that didn't really perform, like the lions and cougars, were in these small pens with a tiny barn type structure that was spaced as their sleeping quarters. That part was sad, and it detracted from the whole thing for me.

Even with all of this... it was a once in a lifetime experience. And to think, it is only 3 hours away! It was a very long day... but we all enjoyed it.



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