Thursday, November 5, 2009

Unbelieveably cool!

Just a few days ago I told you guys about my score on Cyan's Born shoes... and night before last, I was going out to dinner for my weekly date with The Man, and I saw this cute little consignment shop. As I looked around I glanced at the shoes and couldn't believe what I saw. A pair of Born clogs, very similar to Cyan's, for ME!!! Two totally different shops, totally different trips. Mine are not quite as perky, and the morning I took these pictures I went to the Apple Guys place so they surely not as clean... but wow. Two pairs of great shoes for me and my girly for under $15. *Glee*

It is the thing of stories in the faith of thrifting. "If you need it, it will come."

(BTW, it is really hard to take a picture of the side of a shoe you are wearing. I'm just sayin'.)




Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Oh happy happy day, indeed! I do believe in the law of thrifting. I've seen it happen too many times, so it has to be true. Way to go!

Lizz said...

The thrifting mantra is the best!

Judy said...

Finding a name brand item in good condition at a thrift store is like finding gold. Very nice.

Simple Mama said...

lucky, lucky girl!

kate said...

Holy SCORE!!!! I *love* the thrifting fairies! :)

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

I LOVE my born clogs. My cousin is the photographer for Born and photographs their catalogs. I'm always hoping he'll score some shoes for me... so far no such luck. I'll have to start checking our thrift stores.

Chell said...

You are my thrifting hero. Those are adorable!!

Unknown said...

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