Thursday, December 10, 2009

Handcrafted Gifts ~ Fairy House Starter Kit

The kids and I have been putting together lists of things that we wanted to give this Christmas, and Cyan came up with a beauty! All on her own. She wanted to give this book:

...along with a box of all the things that you would need to make a fairy house. We are calling it a 'fairy house starter kit'. Just add sticks and glue gun. :)

We have this type of stuff around the house most of the time due to our own fairy house creations. But now we get to pass along some fun things that (most of) can be found in nature, so someone else can create their own worlds with them.

I am really proud that my girl came up with something so thrifty, and yet super fun! Some lucky little friend is going to get this box this year.

It is like a box of imagination.




pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Genius!! I love it : ) I bought this book for the girls this Christmas and can't wait for them to unwrap it. I think this will become one of my go-to gifts for all of the girly birthday parties we will be attending in the spring!! : )

Thank you Cyan!

xoxo marylea
aka pink and green mama

Jen said...

That's an awesome idea! My kids also love that book.

I copied your paper ball ornament idea this morning and posted a pic on my blog. We'll be making more tomorrow. My kids loved the idea.

Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog said...

Once again, our brains have crossed wavelengths. I honestly don't know why that still surprises me. I should be used to it by now!! ;-) You know what they say about great minds!

What a fabulous idea!!!! I love it, and combined with my latest post, this would be AWESOME. Thanks for sharing this!

Kiyi Kiyi said...

That is soooo cute! What a great idea!

Chasey said...

Oh my goodness,my eldest daughter (9yrs)would LOVE this!She is a nature lover and crafter as well!

Julia said...

Thanks Val and Cyan for posting this awesome gift. I ran into troubles with a different craft that I was making for my niece and was thrilled to see this over the weekend. My 7 year old and I had a blast putting together a kit (after finding the ONLY copy in Barnes and Noble!!!). I think it will be our go-to girl gift this coming year too!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that box is a beautiful treasure chest! I love the chinese lanterns in it. =)

Sheila said...

Thank you for sharing this treasure box and the book. I have already requested all three books from our library; I am sure our daughter who loves nature will just love these books. Thanks so much.


Katie said...

What a great idea!!! I love it.

Anonymous said...

Ok I know what I want Santa to bring me now! I want the Fairy House Starter Kit ( and I don't even have a wee one at home!) But I still want a fairy house I think they are adorable!!!!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Lol! Isn't that fun? Cyan loved gifting these last year. :)



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