Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Handcrafted Holiday ~ Paper Crane Ornaments

This is the easiest one we have made yet. Both the kids have crane mobiles that have lasted through the years. I made them for their 3rd and 8th birthdays. That is 5 years ago! Alex really wanted to make some for me, so I handed him a stack of paper squares that I had cut out for the pennant flag garland and he folded them up. While he was doing that, I thought about how to make them last for years in storage... and the first thing I thought of was Modge Podge! These cranes are on the tree now, and I think they may just last forever.

You need:

Large beads
Jewelry headpins (craft store)
Ornament hooks
Decoupage glue
Needle nose pliers

1. Cover the cranes in the decoupage glue. Let dry.

2. Place a bead at the bottom of the headpin. The bead should be big enough to not let the head pin go into the crane.

3. Put the headpin through the opening at the bottom of the crane. Use a needle to poke the hole if you have to. The dry glue may make it harder to get the headpin through. Push gently through the top of the crane.

4. Twist off the protruding end of the headpin down into a circle at the top of the crane with your pliers.

5. Add the ornament hook and hang on tree!

As I am sure you can imagine, our tree is shaping up quite nicely. I am about to switch gears to gifts (and wrapping them)! But first, the much promised sweater mice pattern.....



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