Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hanging Paper Stars

Around here for the past week it has been bitter cold. We rarely get cold temperatures... much less single digit cold. We have woken up every morning for the past week and a half to around 8 degrees. That is SUPER cold for here. It has been dry and calm too. Beautiful sunny days that you feel you want to be running in, but then you go out and get hit with this blast of well below freezing temps and I don't know about you... but my family doesn't last long.

What that means for many of us here in the Pacific NW is that we have been hiding out in our slippers, next to our fireplaces, drinking hot tea, and trying to keep our hands (and minds) busy. For the Rose Garden it means we have been crafting in those cold, early-dark evenings.

The kids and I store away craft ideas like squirrels store nuts. I have binders upon binders filled with ideas. They are organized seasonally and set in order of the seasons on our book shelf. Each binder has tons of page protectors stuffed with magazine clippings, print outs from websites, and ideas we have copied from library books. We don't get to all of them every year. But we always have inspiration at our fingertips... just for weeks like this one. Yesterday it was Hanging Paper Stars.

I printed out this beautiful post from Magic Onions last April and tucked it safely away in our Winter Craft Binder. When I was going through ideas for the Advent Calendar, it popped out at me as the perfect thing to make this year.

We spent a whole evening making tons of these. Alex got a great idea to make tiny ones out of the scraps from when we cut the 8x11 piece of cardstock into the 8x8 inch square needed for the big stars. At first I was thinking "way to use the waste, Alex!", but as I watched him make these cute tiny versions of this cool project I became very taken with them. I encouraged him to make as many as he could. Then we painted them with silver glitter paint, and punched a hole in the top for an ornament hook to go through. I think they are my favorite ornaments yet!!




Sarah said...

Oh wow- those truly are beautiful Alex!

Erika said...

That's it!!! Thank you so much for posting this!! I had completely forgotten where this project was. The girls and I wanted so much to make them and I felt like I was leaving out a step in my I kept searching...ANYWAY, here they are! You saved the day! thanks again and they look fantastic! I hope you all had a great time making them! Happy Winter to you, Val!


Sunshine Alternative Mama said...

They are so pretty! Thanks for the link ~ I can hardly wait to teach J-Baby how to make them (although new puppy at my heels means I have to wait, LOL).

Tan Family said...

These are really beautiful! I love that you keep crafty binders full of ideas. I look forward to trying to make these with my kids. :)

The Magic Onions said...

Wow... yours look BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE the glitter... we'll have to make some more with glitter for the tree!
Thanks for the link luv.
Blessings and magic.

Committed Recycler said...

I am addicted to making these now.

Really, and The Magic Onion Tutorial is awesome, thanks for sharing.

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