Saturday, December 26, 2009

A new dollhouse

It was time to replace the doll house I made. This time, instead of me making it, I had someone else do it. It was spendy, but well worth it. This dollhouse may last until I have grandchildren. Or even great grandchildren. It is very sturdy, solid wood, and absolutely lovely!

Santa brought her a new garden set to go with it:

I made her some new stuff as well.

The Christmas tree in this picture was a last minute holiday craft. Like I was frantically adding button ornaments at 6am yesterday morning. lol...

These were finished beforehand:

These were not brand new beds... but they had broken a year or more ago, and so with the help of some wood glue and some sandpaper, she got a 'new' set of beds. Complete with new wool blankets and pillows for winter. (Yet another great use for felted sweaters. :) )

Cyan's kitten loved it too. No wonder my tree doesn't have any ornaments on the bottom two feet. Right this second my house just screams "I have a toddler and two kittens!"




Anonymous said...

Opulently I agree but I dream the brief should secure more info then it has.

Anna said...

That house is gorgeous! You have a lucky girl (and kitten).

Katie said...

Whoa! I love it. Where can I get one????????????????
Merry Christmas.

Tia said...

Oh my ,what a stunning dollhouse , I LOVE the "old fashioned" toys too , they last and outlast ANY modern toy the kids always go back to them ! and to have something like this that can be passed on...THANKYOU by the way for visiting my blog : and for your lovley comment, much apprectaited ! We also homeschool: so do feel welcome to visit , and we`d love you as our follower for both blogs if you `d like? Hope you had a lovley Christmas :0)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks guys! I LOVE it. Every time I walk past it I have to check and see if the inhabitants are doing anything new... via cat, or kiddo. ;)

The doll house was bought at a store, but it was made by a man in Seattle. There are no markings on it, nor did it have tags. If you are really interested, you can call the local place I got it at. It is called Clover, in Ballard Seattle, WA.

However..... I have seen ones kinda like it at Nova Naturals... and they are just as spendy, but made like this.

Merry day after Christmas everyone!!



Beth said...

VERY CUTE Dollhouse and I love the little touches!! :)

Sarah said...

It's beautiful! I love the beds.

Hope your Christmas was merry!

Kimara said...

What a warm and welcoming doll house! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the skylight! Also love the addition of buttons to the felt forest tree! Very festive! I'm sure it wash a big hit Christmas morning. BTW... my grandbaby has the garden. A huge favorite of hers :)

Kimara said...

Opps... meant to mention I'll be linking to your site on FaceBook :)

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks Kimara! Do you have a following page on Facebook? Would you give me the link here? I'll have to look that up. Your stuff is wonderful! I aspire to be as good at patterns as you are eventually.

Have a beautiful evening.



Tan Family said...

I just saw these pics on flickr today! Beautiful house. Where did you get the garden bits from? I love how you made some of the items, too.

Dees said...

just lovely! I used to play with my doll house a lot... but this one is so pretty I would just want to be a littly girl again!

Tracey said...

What a beautiful gift.. I love the garden items and actually wish I had one of these for myself.. Lucky young lady!

Sonia said...

Simply adorable..I love your creativity and ideas. This is simply fabulous..and the details amaze me too..the beds out of logs and the cute Christmas tree..Outstanding!!
P.S: ran out of adjectives :)

Anonymous said...

Again a fair post. Thanks your also pen-friend

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