Thursday, January 28, 2010

ER Trip and My Thrifty Thursday

Last night was a long and hard one. I stopped getting the headaches about four days ago... and after one day of feeling almost like myself I got a cold. Not a bad one... but after being sick for 10 days, and only one day of real rest, it knocked me off my feet. Yesterday I started to feel much better. Then Logan started to cough after nap time. Not just cough, but that seal bark cough that is always related to croup. It just got worse and about 2:30am last night, Don took him to the ER. Just like last year, they gave him a Neb treatment and within a couple hours he was doing much better. Today he sounds like he has a wheeze, but he doesn't sound like someone is sitting on his chest and so as I put him to bed, finally, around 8am this morning, I decided the big kids and I were going to leave. We went and got muffins and cocoa at Starbucks and then headed to Goodwill. We spent until 1pm there, looking through the treasures and enjoying being together.

As much as I could complain about the day, it was actually wonderful. I am dog tired, but feel almost 100% and I knew Logan was resting, now that he could breath properly again. My other two kids are healthy and were dancing with the clothing on the racks, searching for 100% wool sweaters for me, and sitting in the book section reading someone else's used-to-be treasures. It was a great morning. I came home to find Logan up and watching Mary Poppins, and Don (who is also dog tired as you can imagine) dosing peacefully snuggled up against our baby. Really, for a sucky night, it sure has been a beautiful day.

Now on to the score!!

In the center of this picture is a tin camping cup, a camping bowl, and a enamelware frying pan. I don't know if it is Le Creuset, but it says "France" on the handle, making me think it probably is.

Even if not, it is in great condition and I was terribly excited to find it for $2.99 today!

Awww... my love of good books.

This basket is just lovely! It has a stain on the inside liner, but I am going to try to get that out. Other than that it is well made and in PERFECT condition. As is the other one (with the stripes). Usually the baskets I find at goodwill are missing a handle, have a hole, etc... but these two look great. I am excited to add them to my crazy basket collection.

This beautiful Zither needs to be tuned, but it is in great shape and it was only $4.99.

I love thrifty days!




Lise said...

What fabulous finds! I'm glad everyone's on the mend...

Shirley said...

Now you've got me wanting to go to Goodwill! Hope that Logan is doing much better and that you guys get much needed rest. When my kids were little they tended to get the wheezing when their colds got bad so we had Neb meds on hand. Heck, they each have their own Neb! Luckily they've outgrown it but I have them on hand just in case.

Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

Wow, sounds like you had a long night, but good for you for taking the kids out and enjoying some good time together! You really scored with all those great finds!!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Sorry you're all still sick but you did score some awesome treasures! E has the same lap harp and loves it, she can play a bunch of songs on it! We had the same mushroom trivet when I was growing up, my grandmother had the matching canisters on her counter top! : ) Fond memories -- your good will is SO MUCH better than ours! : )

xoxo ml

Anna said...

Sorry your night was so long and difficult. Hope you and your Logan feel better fast.

Love your finds from Goodwill. I especially love the enamelware!

Katie said...

Glad to hear that Logan is okay. Great finds! Your package which still resides in my car has some very nice felted wool goodness for you....I am so behind on everything....but promise it will get out to you ASAP!

Luisa said...

I'm glad to hear you and the family are slowly getting better. This family is a little too experience when it comes to coughs.
The thrifty finds are sooo fun. It feels like you just won a million bucks.

Luisa said...

Glad to hear the family in on the way to getting better.
Thrifty fun finds usually make me feel better to it's like winning a million bucks! Simple treasures

Brie said...

What a beautiful day!

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