Thursday, February 4, 2010

Love Story ~ Valentine's day #4

Our television time is very limited most times. I wish I could say that my kids can watch as much as they want and they are not affected... but that just isn't true with my kiddos. We have not had cable in their lifetimes, and slowly the tv has been banned pretty much entirely. Currently we have one 19" screen that is hidden away in the master bedroom closet. It comes out once a week for my date nights with The Man, and then on special occasions like this. I could say what a hassle it is, but honestly I love quiet evenings with no television. It makes for a long day, that is for sure, (espically considering my husband works the swing shift) but it also makes for great sleep. And the attitudes of my children more than make up for any thing I miss by not having tv.

Today the kids and I are settling down to an afternoon with a good love story. Instead of reading one, I decided to call upon my library and picked out Enchanted...

It is a WONDERFUL love story and a pretty cute movie too. Popcorn, buttered and salted to perfection, with a 'fun size' bag of Valentine's M&M's poured right on top was just the thing to make this the perfect Thursday afternoon treat!




M.E. Greene said...

Sounds like a lovely bit of fun to me! :) Cute movie, too.

Petit Design Co. said...

we loved Enchanted. Until just a few months ago we owned a 13" tv/vcr combo that would hide in the master bed closet too. We were recently gifted a hand me down 32" tv that has taken up residence in the living room. But we still control the tv since we do not have cable or a converter box (so we don't even get the free stuff) We have netflix and enjoy an occasional movie that we like. The hub and I do watch some shows after the kids go to bed on our computer. I love not having the tv on during the day! And I especially love not having crap come in through my tv.

Whidbey Woman said...

I LOVE Enchanted. Did you know that they are making a sequel?
Can't wait.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Oh! I didn't know that! How cool. :) I wonder if it will be Cyan appropriate? That would be a cool movie to take her to see in the theature. (I am VERY picky about stuff like that. But in a weird way. I don't mind stuff that is above her head as long as it is a great story. I am really big on stories.)

Ok... tired babbling.



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