Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some light (and not so light) reading...

I have been looking for light reading lately. Really light. I am a die hard 'good book' fan and I do not partake in romance novels or anything like them. But I have needed some simple soul healing lately, and so I turned to more light reading for my weekly library choosing. This last two weeks it has been the Journeys Beyond Pemberly by Sharon Lathan. These books, if you get past the smutty parts, they are really pretty good. Simple, easy reads, but still, decent books with a neat premise of following the Darcy's into their new life at Pemberly and all of the other places rich people go in England in the 1800's. I have thoroughly enjoyed them as a diversion from my usual reading.

The Little Prince by Antoine De Saint-Exupery is an amazing book. . I hadn't read this book in about 15 years. All I remembered was that it was sad. As a 'grown up' I was able to see so much more. The ideas that were common place to me as a child are now extraordinary and deep. Which is the exact phenomenon that he speaks of in the book. About 'grown ups'.

A friend of mine has a tattoo of the Boa Constrictor from the outside:

And from the inside.

One on each of her forearms. I found this out only last week as I had never seen her in short sleeves before. The next day, I was enjoying a morning of happy thrifting and saw this book on the second hand book shelf. I sat on the floor and read it until I was finished right there in the thrift store. Then I bought it, brought it home, and read it again. It has been in my head for the last two days... I don't feel that I can explain the story very well... it is just a book that everyone should read. Especially if you have not read it in a very long while.

It looks like a children's book. Don't be fooled. This book is not really for children, but for the grown ups that children have grown into. It has ideas that are brilliant in their simplicity and I feel the need to incorporate more into my life.




Lise said...

When I'm in need of light reading, I go for Elizabeth Berg.

I think it's time for me to re-read "The Little Prince," now that you mention it.

ColorSlut said...

I'm currently re-reading The Little Prince and wondering what I loved about it when I was younger???

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Oh gosh... I loved the whole conversation with the fox when I was younger. As I read it this time I got tears in my eyes because I remembered the idea of tame things and how wonderful that was.

I think this book goes along with "Hope for the Flowers" which is another amazing book that has very deep ideas. I think I will read that today. You get new ideas each time you read it... the more experience you have with the world, the deeper those books get.



Unknown said...

I've wanted to know about those books. I read P&P every year and love the story so I didn't want to ruin a classic with this version. Glad to know it's good!

Sending you some PEAR love!

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