Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When it rains...

Ever wondered "Hey, what does 10 cubic yards of soil look like?"

Well, for us, it got delivered in two piles by a giant dump truck. This one is 4 ft tall, by about 7 ft across:

And this one is 4 ft tall by about 11 ft across:

Yesterday, while waiting for the dirt delivery, we put the wheel barrow together. And then it started pouring. We didn't get to move an ounce of this soil before the rain overtook and we couldn't even be outside. It was 40*, pouring down rain, and then started that freezing sleety stuff. YUCK!

I wanted to be shoveling manure... but instead I had to go grocery shopping.


So this morning, instead of my morning run, I decided I would go fill my first two beds.

Wet dirt is way heavier than dry dirt.




Shirley said...

At least you don't need a gym membership! :)

Unknown said...

Spreading dirt is way cooler than spreading mulch (a chore my mom made us do on a regular basis (probably once) character building, right?).

I've been following your garden plans with anxious anticipation! It is so cool to see it all come together, one step at a time. Thanks for sharing it with us! Some day, I will have an urban garden. I need a yard first, I think :)

themama said...

Yay for new dirt! Love watching all of your progress!


ColorSlut said...

We put in sod that was wet. SO HEAVY! Just think - you'll have great looking arms :)

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