Thursday, April 1, 2010

Impatient Garden Award....

...goes to me!

I have gotten a lot of my seed orders, but none of my plants (they are all coming in the second half of May). I couldn't wait. So today, I went out and got a few starts from a cute little local nursery called Gardenmeister's. I picked up all brassicas, and a couple of hardy herbs. Then I planted my red sunflower, pea, lettuce, chard, and kale seeds in the new beds. I configured them according to a bit of square foot gardening, and a bit of companion planting. It was so great to sit out there, making a garden plan, sitting IN my garden!

I have missed this so much! And to think, I thought I could live without it at one point. Nope. I really can't. I am very content this week, with my garden gloves in this heavy, beautiful soil, digging away. My kids are usually out there with me. A friend let us borrow a child sized wheel barrow so even Logan is big enough to help. They have LOVED that! Even the non-gardening husband of mine was out there. (He likes scoring brownie points by helping me with stuff he would never do on his own.) He did a lot of the heavy lifting yesterday while I spread the soil, and put it all where I wanted.

This year, I picked up a few garden gadgets I have never had before.

A 2 pack of good garden gloves and a pair of garden clogs. These have already proven invaluable and I keep wondering how I ever made it without them before (a lot of dirt in my house and under my fingernails apparently). The wheel barrow is new too (thank you, tax return) but I had one of those... it just broke two years ago and we are just now replacing it.

Anyhow... I am garden babbling. But only because I am crazy excited!




themama said...

Coming along so nicely! Love those garden clogs! Very cool!


3Gs4me said...

So lovely to hear how happy and at peace you are with your lovely garden. I had a flash back for a minute while seeing the first pic as my step mom had those same jars. :)

ColorSlut said...

There is nothing like a good garden to make you feel good. I'm glad you are jumping on it!

Shirley said...

Am so jealous that you've got plants in the ground. I think that I'm going to wait until the end of the month. 3 hail storms in the past 2 days must be a sign. LOL!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

We have hail too... I am just ignoring it and hoping the plants will still grow. :) I think they will be fine honestly. Unless we have a really hard frost, which I doubt. But we will see. I may have blown $12 on plants yesterday. ;)

Shauna said...

I am really enjoying reading your garden posts! :-)

I saw you purchased some seeds from Territorial- I just found out that they get their seeds from Seminis, which was recently purchased by Monsanto. :-/ So I'll be getting mine elsewhere next season.... just fyi in case anyone else out there didn't know that!

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