Saturday, April 17, 2010

Local Living once again...

And so starts another season...

April is not an easy time to live locally around here, but as soon as things start coming in, I start to buy them. This produce is from our local farm (as are the eggs) and I am excited that to see spinach and other greens popping up in more than just my garden beds. :)

(Please ignore the Monster can. That is my husbands vice and not something I endorse on this blog... at all. Although I have gotten him to drink the 'mostly juice' ones. So his liver damage so far is minimal. Sigh... small steps. Small, tiny steps.)




Kelly said...

Love the local produce! Eeek about liver damage, do those things really do that? My dh drinks them all the time :-(

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Mostly I was being dramatic. The things that cause liver damage are things your body has to filter out but can not be put into the bodily waste. Chemicals from injested 'foods' will do this. Esp if they are eaten/drunk in high volume.

Most of the time, Don has one Monster per day. I have talked him out of the ones that are low in calories (ie; high in chemicals) and now he only gets the ones that are half juice or more.

It isn't worse than soda, and I can honestly say that with the amt of B vitamins they have in them, it may be a benefit to someone who doesn't eat many orange or green natural foods.

It still bugs me. But it really isn't that bad. I just am dramatic about anything that could be bad.



Liz said...

I didn't even notice the can!

Looks like sime good eatin there!

ColorSlut said...

Looks delicious!

Silver Sisters said...

i am so jealous that things are growing again for you! Here the leaves aren't out yet on any of the trees and the tulips are just starting to poke up. Can't wait for real food from the ground again!

My hubby has a thing for monster drinks too! He even went so far as to put it on the grocery list but I refused to be his enabler.

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