Friday, April 2, 2010

Natural Egg Dying take two!

Blogger cut off my post earlier, so now, along with pictures of our beautiful eggs, I get to tell you how this is all done. :)

This is where I got my info:

Which I printed out and put in my Spring notebook. (cuz I'm a dork like that.)

We used both brown and white eggs. The brown ones were interesting. I really like the deep mauve that the brown eggs got in the beet/cabbage mixture. I didn't get to see an egg long term in the orange of the onion skins... but it had a nice orange tinge when I pulled it out from just an hour or so. Very pretty! I think I will pick and choose where I put the brown ones next year. Onion skins and beet seemed to work out the best.

The only tip that I learned that these sites didn't mention is; don't handle them much. Until the 'dye' dries on the eggs, some of the colors can just rub right off. I got about 3 really 'white' eggs until I realised that I was rubbing all the color right off as I rinsed them afterwards. So don't do that. Leave the color on. They are much prettier that way. (All of the brown in the beet mixture looked like the speckly one in the first picture before I rubbed the stuff off. They they were light blue.)

Cyan, doing her best 'Vanna White'.

"And behind door number two we have.... Beet Water and Turmeric Juice!!" and the crowd claps.

I think they turned out fantastic! You can also leave the white eggs in the dye overnight, but I decided that a bit more instant gratification (you know, like 5 hours) was what I was looking for.




Shirley said...

Very cool!

Tan Family said...

So beautiful!!! :)

themama said...

Oooh! Just lovely!!


jo_annie said...

great job! these are so pretty!!!

ColorSlut said...

Great eggs!

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