Sunday, May 2, 2010

Grains of the World - Part 4

Our grains are growing very well. All but the Oats, Millet, and the Rice are sprouting now. I fear the birds have gotten to the Millet seedlings... but I am still hoping. If it isn't up when we get back from vacation mid-May, then I will try it again with some bird protection to help us out.

A funny story about the Oats. For a long while I couldn't find it at all. Then someone here mentioned the feed store and that they feed live oat seed to horses. I went to the feed store to buy some live oat seed, and the girl behind the counter said that they only had 50lb bags. I asked her if any had spilled on the floor from a ripped bag, etc as I would gladly take that and she said that they didn't have any right now. I explained to her that I only need a few tablespoons, literally, and then what I needed it for. She looked at me for a long moment... and then said she would be right back and went in the back. When she came out again she said that they guys in the back of the store said that a bag was magically 'damaged in shipping' and one of them would be right out with it. lol... The guy came out a few minutes later and handed me three cups of oats in a zip lock baggie, free of charge. Talk about good customer service. ;) I brought them home and used the same treatment I did on the other grains, but for only two days this time, instead of 4. They had started to sprout when I put them in the ground yesterday and there is our last grain of the world. :)

A new thing in the garden sprouting is the corn! It just came up in the last 48 hours. These little tiny corn plants make me very happy.

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Anna said...

I love when people are nice and generous. Hope you go back to that store again.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Oh I will... I ordered my chickens from there that same day. ;)

Unknown said...

Awesome! Got love that kind of customer service.

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