Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Trip recap 5 of 5 ~ The Pacific Coast and the Redwoods

At the start of this trip I decided that I needed to collect wildflowers from every stop. Rest areas, potty breaks and even stopping on the side of the road just to stretch our legs led to a new examination of the flora around the road to see if I could add anything new. I never did stop where I could get a California Poppy... which ends up being a good thing because I heard it is illegal to pick them! The things you learn!

The Red Woods and Pacific Coast was our final destination before taking the long drive home. We spent from San Fransisco, CA to Tillamook, OR on the Highway that runs along the coast (Hwy 101) basically stopping when we felt like it. It took three days to get up the coast, driving about 6 hours each day.
These big trees are nearly impossible to capture in pictures. They were incredible! I have seen them many times, but my kids have not been here in years (Logan never) and so they were in awe of the majesty of the huge trees.

We had many amazing stops along the coast. We stopped at this wild animal park where the kids got to pet big horn sheep, skunks, opossums, and even a baby leopard.

It was a really neat experience, except that now Logan thinks that petting the big cats at the zoo his normal... and wants to do it at ours too. Um... yeah. Not going to happen bud. ;)

Here is a slideshow of some of our Pacific Coast adventures (most were free... the sea lions pictured here were just AFTER the $12 per person sea lion caves and we were closer.)



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Valerie @ Inner Child Fun said...

What a beautiful and amazing vacation!!! I would love to see the Redwoods someday... wow!!

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