Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Of hens and neighbors...

My dear friend, Sarah Jean, just bought the house next door. Not only the house, but the 3.5 acres it sits on. We only have two property lines that boarder ours (we are on a street corner), and hers is one. I have to admit to being crazy excited! She and I are very alike in our beliefs about food and community.

And she has chickens! When you have barnyard critters in the city, knowing that your neighbor does too is SUCH a blessing! We have already spent hours talking about how we are going to purchase and take care of a miniature Jersey cow together... teehehe! Could you imagine? Fresh cheese and raw milk. How could it get better. And only half the work of having our own.

The chickens helped clean out the garden too, and were very happy to do it! The black plastic that was left by the previous owners to put the garden to bed was the perfect house for bugs and grubs. In this case, it equals fat and happy hens! One of them even laid an egg while we were there.

The kids got to know the spaces together this weekend. They played in the yard while Sarah Jean worked in the garden to get her house ready to be a home.



leanne said...

How exciting to have a friend so close! Love the chickens too.

Lise said...

Oh, that's such good news! Congratulations!

Anna said...

Oh how fun for you! Enjoy.

SF said...

What a blessing!! How nice to share life (and a cow) together with friends! xo

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