Monday, June 28, 2010

Toddler Time ~ Get a Membership (Zoo)

Ad's for expensive toys and plastic play structures aboundeth... sometimes it is hard to find things that are both entertaining, and inexpensive to do with your littlest ones. So I put together this list. And just to make sure it is still valid, I will be doing one of these things each week with my resident toddler, and reporting on it's success (or not) back to you.
We renewed our zoo membership last week. I thought this would be our second Toddler Time trip.

As always, my boy is mostly interested in the aquarium part of our zoo. He really loved being with the sharks this time. The Lemon Sharks and Black Tipped Sharks were really active, and there was a nurse shark right down next to the glass (you can just see it's tail in this picture on the bottom right).

He was pretty excited that the horse shoe crabs were moving around as well. "Mama! It look like you and me!"

There was also some really great stuff at the Meerkat section too. The mama Meerkat had had babies, and they were out of the den for the first time. (Above is one. He was about 6 inches tall, maybe. So cute!) We had a lot of fun watching them playing and digging in their new home.

Cost: $110 per year (if you go once a month that ends up being $9 per trip for the whole family)

Fun Factor: 10/10 (This is our favorite toddler time purchase. We visit about twice a month. Logan thinks it is the best place ever! Rain or shine, we can find something he will love to do for an hour at the zoo.)


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ColorSlut said...

Zoos are so amazing. Great to open up the world of a child!

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