Monday, June 21, 2010

Toddler Time ~ The Pet Store

Ad's for expensive toys and plastic play structures aboundeth... sometimes it is hard to find things that are both entertaining, and inexpensive for the littlest people in our lives. So I put together this list. And just to make sure it is still valid, I will be doing one of these things each week with my resident toddler, and reporting on it's success (or not) back to you.

This week was the pet store.

The first stop was the kittens that were up for adoption. The lady that was at the store that day let us wash our hands and get in the cage and play with them. Logan thought that was just about the best thing ever! You can't see it well in this picture, but he is giggling as this kitten is licking and then nibbling on his hand.

Next stop was the birds. He was fascinated with the budgies....

And he really liked 'blue bird' too:

The fish section is always a hit.

Here he is growling at the fish in the tank, because I told him he couldn't knock on it. ;)

Ratings for this toddler trip:

Cost: Nothing

Fun factor: 9/10 (we had to leave the kittens and fish at the store)




Frannie said...

this is great! thanks for the ideas. I feel like our 3 yr old boys share the same brain:)...especially when it comes to growling at the fish tank!

Anonymous said...

Anything furry is a big hit with my tot. What a great idea!

ColorSlut said...

Fantastic idea ... and I'm sure each time something new will catch their attention!

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