Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What is a garden worth?

In the last two days I have harvested two baskets of beautiful salad greens, handfuls of herbs and edible flowers, and heads of fresh, amazing, organic broccoli.

Organic broccoli is about $3/lb. A bag of salad greens (which these two meals of dinner salad for 5 would have been about four bags) would be about $2.99 each, 2/$5 on sale. Edible flowers and herbs would be about $2 each tiny box. That would be about 2 of those.

Just in the last two days I have made $19 because I turned to my garden instead of the grocery store.

What a beautiful thing! :)




Unknown said...

Being a great lover of garden art, I enjoyed going through your blog. keep on posting.

Tracey said...

we do the same thing here.. fresh greens, basil, rosemary.. what fun to save on food and have safe food as well!!

ColorSlut said...

I just got broccoli out of my garden last night. Thanks for the post. Makes me feel really good about growing and harvesting :)

Unknown said...

oh yes the garden is a wonderful place. Our family live completely off the garden in the summer! so I say the garden is priceless!

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