Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dog sitting

My best friends dog, Toby, is here visiting for the weekend. I factored in the cats and their comfort before agreeing to care for the dog... I figure they can live for two days on the back of the couch and the beds. I didn't even think the rabbits would be an issue... but it was the first thing Toby saw and the only thing he has wanted since he got here. Heck, cats are not nearly as interesting as prey that can't get away!

Cyan tried to barricade the bunny cage with all sorts of yard items, but he has gotten to them anyhow... he doesn't want to catch them... he just licks them through the cage. What is even more funny is they LET him! They are not scare of him at all, just would turn their hind quarters to him so he wasn't licking their faces. Sophie's backside was completely soaked before I got there and realised what he was doing. It took me a while to figure it out, but after he was done licking them, he laid down next to their cage completely content in the shade with the rabbits sleeping in the cage above him (one with a very damp aft section). Strange critters!

The cats have not come into the house since he got here. They sit on the shed or the ladder (we were cleaning the gutters) and watch him... It seems like a safe enough passtime to me. There is hissing involved, but no blood as of yet... so I think we are good. But it is safe to say, we will not be bringing a dog into our family any time soon. Apparently for my numerous pets, a weekend dog is plenty!


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Bending Birches said...

oh those cats are smart!! they look so smug sitting up there!!

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