Friday, July 23, 2010

Happy 3 1/2 birthday Logan!!

Logan was feeling really left out this last week with the other two kids birthdays. So the other morning, Cyan decided to have a little birthday party for Logan... for being 3 1/2.

She wrapped up Lego creations, his own bubbles, and even an plastic Easter egg filled with pretty rocks she'd found.

I honestly thought at first that it might not go over so well.... but I was dead wrong. He LOVED it... hugging her and telling her thank you over and over again. It was the CUTEST thing I think I have ever seen.

We made a tiny cake in his honor (the other two did not chose cake this year, so it worked out perfect) and all the comments about how "it's never his birthday", and "when it his birthday" just drifted away. My sweet girl gave him exactly what he needed... and pulled it off beautifully! (It was his actual 3 1/2 birthday on the 22nd.)

Happy 3 1/2 birthday my sweet baby boy! Pretty soon you will have someone to share a birthday with too, buddy. In about 6 months.



ColorSlut said...

Your children make me smile. The amount of thought they put into one another. They sweetest kids on the planet! HUGS!

Simple Mama said...

Such a lovely post. :) My son is 3.5 and is having a hard time understanding that other birthdays aren't his own.

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