Friday, July 16, 2010

Thrifting adventures and *SCORE*!

This morning was the first time my entire family has gone garagesaling together. I have to admit that I need more of a plan. We came home with much more than we needed because it was next to nothing to get it! For $25.20 we got a set of 9 Bokugon critters, a dart board, a purse, a batman figurine, three jackets (one Northface for $.25!!), two sweater dresses, a music box, a set of plastic ninja knives, a set of camping dishware with silverware (above), a set of 4 antique milk bottles, a working DVD player, a brand new copper tea pot (play kitchen sized), 6 antique jelly jars with lids (above), and a Aeropostale sweatshirt in "cyan" blue. Did we need all of this? Well, no... I could have gone forever without Logan even knowing what Bokugon critters were, and Lord knows we certainly didn't need more play weapons in the house. But for a first run, we didn't do half bad.

This isn't all of it. I am still just kind of blown away. Normally I don't do garage sales. Not sure why... I like the consistent hours of thrift stores I guess. But this time, I really feel like I scored. I honestly would have paid that for the clothes alone at the thrift store.

Logan has asked several times already today when we are going again. I pulled out $40 for the cause and we only used little more than half. Perhaps we will go again tomorrow!




Bending Birches said...

Ive always been a little weary of yard/garage sales myself...not sure why, either...since the thrift store around us has seriously JACKED prices up, I've been stopping at the family sales more...2 weeks ago I got a PLAN wood pull toy...for .50 cents. Def. worth it!

Trina said...

Total score!! I love garage saling but haven't done much of it this year! It's always a thrill, though, when you find something that you think is an absolute treasure and pay next to nothing! Excellent!

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