Monday, July 5, 2010

Toddler Time ~ Cardboard Box

Ad's for expensive toys and plastic play structures aboundeth... sometimes it is hard to find things that are both entertaining, and inexpensive to do with your littlest ones. So I put together this list. And just to make sure it is still valid, I will be doing one of these things each week with my resident toddler, and reporting on it's success (or not) back to you.

Last weeks delivery of our new couch gave us plenty of 'big cardboard box' fodder. Unfortunately I wasn't feeling well at ALL last week, but my kids made the best of it, and all on their own, the created a whole little village in the back yard.

It was a huge hit with Logan. He loved decorating his house, and moving it around the yard. It ended up in between the Rhodie bushes and has been there since as his 'hide out' from which to 'shoot bad guys'. Ahhhh... boys. ;)




Divine Lotus Healing said...

It's so true that children love the basics to play with- my nieces are in town for the 4th and yesterday the 2 year old was playing with paint sample cards as "chuuu chuuu vrooom vrooom" trains. It was wonderful to see her creative mind in action!

ColorSlut said...

As a child we never had any money and had to make use of regular stuff to keep us entertained. We had the world greatest fort that was made out of cardboard. LOVED IT!

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