Thursday, July 29, 2010

Tomato Wall

I got my tomato plants delivered on May 20th, just after we got back from our vacation. I thought that would be really late this year (I usually have them in around the first of May) but I was hoping they would catch up since I started with plants, and the weather should be warm.

We built this bed the next day and filled it with the very last of the 10 yards of soil. I put the plants in (buying basil and Thai basil from a local garden store) and waited for them to grow.

At first they didn't. We had COLD weather (like below 70* and raining) for all of June and the start of July. We were all wrapped in blankets on Independence Day to watch the fireworks. It was kind of crazy... and my tomatoes suffered. Then, on July 7th, it went from that, to HOT in a matter of hours. I thought the two on the left were done for... they had wilted, and started to turn yellow. I babied them and as it settled around 80* for most of the last three weeks, my tomatoes have finally taken off!

This is this morning. I built a 'tomato wall' out of the EMT conduit and garden netting, and they are filling it faster than I dreamed! It is 4 1/2 feet tall! By the end of the season, these babies may going to need a 6 ft support. Another thing to write in my garden notebook for next year. :)

And here are Sun Golds... just waiting for a few more weeks of sun.



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ColorSlut said...

TOMATOS .... they look lovely and taste so good too!

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