Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Don's squad had our first annual camping trip and I so enjoyed our little break from reality this weekend. The camp site we got didn't have running water, power, or even cell service... and I LOVED it! The kids and I spent the days playing in the near by streams, picking flowers, playing card games and building fires. The first night was terribly cold and Don went in to town (about 20 minutes) and got us all 30* sleeping bags. The next night we slept like babies!

The days were warm, but not terribly hot, and the evenings were perfectly cool for a nice big fire. It was s'mores, berry picking, and hot tea all 'round, and it was wonderful! (Although I have to admit, it's nice to be back to my house with the hot running water. Oh how I missed thee!)



ColorSlut said...

Looks like a great mini-break and super fun for the kids! Cold weather camping is always hard on me. I can't sleep when I'm cold.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

We couldn't either. All of us were up most of the night. I got maybe 2 hrs of sleep. Don got up at 4 and went in to get sleeping bags and then went back to sleep around 7am when we all got up. I took a nap after. It was a long, LONG night. But we are now completely prepared. Which I think is wonderful, cuz we will be able to go more often. :)

The kids really loved it. Like a lot. :)

Amber said...

Beautiful! The cold and not sleeping sounds rough though, glad new sleeping bags did the trick.

Anonymous said...

Camping is something I have always been very resistant too. It is an indoor plumbing thing for me. This we we had a family reunion at a cabin and no computers or cell coverage, (but it was a very nice cabin and not camping at all.) I LOVED IT! I was surprised what a relief it was to be away from media, my cell phone, etc. And I am entertaining the idea of a family camping trip. So I loved reading about yours.
I ream really enjoying your blog.

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