Thursday, August 12, 2010

Dear Cedar Waxwing...

Dear resident Cedar Waxwing family,

I understand the attraction of the berries from the bush in the back of my yard, but I have a feeling that you haven't been noticing your ranks diminishing. I have. I believe I have found the cause. See my tiny grey cat, despite bell that we attached to her collar to avoid this very trait, has been picking you off one by one and bringing you to our patio for lunch. This does not speak well to your intelligence or agility.... (or perhaps it speaks to the agility of my cat, but either way,) I thought that a missive to let you know what was happening was in order.

Six of your buddies have become a meal for the cat in the lst 4 days. And every time one of your buddies disappears I hope and pray that you will not come back, at least for a while. But each evening I hear you, frolicking around the bush. With furry death beneath enjoying the dinner time show.

Although the pull of the berries is strong, please, wise up, and get out of my yard... before your entire family becomes a meal for my precocious feline.

Thank you!

Love Val

(Picture is not mine, link is here.)




Anonymous said...

Well, they've been warned. You've done your duty.....

pink and green mama MaryLea said...


I wonder if you could hang some aluminum pie plates or small bells in the bushes to deter the birds or at least give them a warning if the cat is hanging out nearby...I don't think there is much else you can do - the cat is doing what cats do and if the birds are clueless then I suppose you've got Darwinism at it's finest! : )

BTW, my first thought was- Wow! She takes REALLY good bird photos I can never get a photo that clear of any of the ones in our backyard!! LOL!


ColorSlut said...

So sad. I hate when kitties kill birds - but the whole cat nature thing!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I think she took out the whole tiny flock of Cedar Waxwings. :( I didn't see them yesterday at all. I hope they wised up... but I doubt it.

The chickadees, sparrows, nuthatches, tohees, finches, and juncos don't get caught very often at all. And we have HUNDREDS of them. But the Waxwings? They are getting picked off. What's funny is they are bigger than most of the other birds too. It's so sad!

Pretty soon they will leave. We only get waxwings for about 2 months a year on their way through. I was seriously thinking of taking out that bush... just to get them to stop coming. Poor sweet birdies! I don't mind it when it is every now and again (kitty nature and all) but when it is every day!?! Not ok. Poor birds!



The Family FIve said...

Maybe you could put something under the bush to keep the cat away?

My cat picks off the chickadees. They are one of my favorites and are very trusting/not so bright birds. If I sit still enough, they'll come and light upon my shoulders!

Amber said...

Poor silly things. Fortunately they aren't a threatened bird (as far as population) so while it is sad to see them picked on by your cat, I don't think it matters in the grand scheme of things. If they were endangered birds then I'd say attach a bell on your kitty's collar but really, try not to feel too bad about it.

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