Monday, August 2, 2010

A silly little video of our homesteading pets...

Lately, I have been feeling bad about not crafting. I have been feeling bad about not cleaning, or cooking, or sewing, or doing many of the things I would normally do this time of year. And then, yesterday, as I was watching my kids play on the patio with pinwheels we made together out of card stock and my animals frolicked in the yard, I realized I do tons. Even now.

It's easy to be grateful for those things that are outside of you. It's easy to see 'results' and what is accomplished day by day (or not).

It isn't as easy to see how we assist things in growing. How we adjust and care for the needs of growing things (including the babies inside of us) and how we are continuously caring for these things, whether we are down or not.

We can let the dishes go, the house can go unswept, but our children are never unfed. Our animals get proper housing and care no matter what. Even when we take away ALL of the extras we can do (and thankfully I am not there quite yet, although it may feel like it) we still keep the things we hold most dear fed, clean, and loved.

So this silly little video is mostly for me. It is to say that watching and caring for these animals is something I do that even I have taken for granted. It is to say, out loud, and only for me: "I do enough. I have enough. I AM enough. Breathe."

Plus, sometimes it's fun to be a little silly. ;)

Hope you are all doing something worthwhile (like watching chickens and bunnies play) today!



Anonymous said... make videos, something I have yet learned to do. ;)

ColorSlut said...

I love the Cake music in the back and the animals all look to be doing great! Thanks for the post.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks ladies. :) The video didn't turn out as perfect as it was on the editor... I had the timing perfect but something got shuffled in the computer putting it all together. Oh well... It was fun, and cute. That's really all I was going for.



Jenny said...

My daughter and I watched your lovely video and both said Sophie jumps just like my daughter's bunny Mixie. Too cute. Thanks for sharing.

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