Saturday, September 18, 2010

How about we make a glass sippy cup?

This sturdy jelly jar has just morphed into the coolest new sippy cup in the world!

You know those ideas you have forever and you just don't know how to pull it off? This was one of those.

I have been trying to figure out how to do this FOREVER! And then, in chatting about the idea to my best friend Sarah (who had been thinking about it as well) she figured that you could just use a drill with a bit large enough for a straw and decided one day just to make one. I had been trying to figure out a completely plastic free way to do it (and I still may eventually) but for now, I am totally thrilled with Sarah's idea and I love that Logan has a to-go cup that isn't made of plastic (he only has one anyhow... because I am mean and he only uses glass at home. lol!)

So enter the tall 10 oz jelly jar. Small top (so it doesn't get mixed in with any of my large top canning jars) and it's the perfect size for kid cup holders! How cool is that?? (Yes, I bought some for Sarah too. Cuz she's brilliant!)

Oh and the best thing about these jars? They have a small 'label spot' which you can use a glass etching kit and etch each kids name right on them. Personalized, non-plastic spill resistant cups that won't take on smells. I don't know that I can get any better.

(If I figure out a plastic free version, I will be sure to post it. Whatever the lid is made of, these babies are going with this set of glass straws (which is what brought up the whole idea in the first place!))




Louisa said...

What a neat idea! Did you know they make stainless steel straws? I hear tell you can buy them for 99 cents at 7-11s. I see you can also buy them on amazon.

Julie said...

I drill right through the metal canning lids and they work great! Those lids and the glass dharama straws and no more plastic!

Maiden Jane said...

Great idea! We've been using Grolsch bottles as our reusable water bottles - mostly for home. THere's nothing like drinking ice cold water out of a bottle. We're all drinking more water - simply love them.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Thanks guys! I really love them!

The reason I don't use metal lids: The plastic rings around metal lids are not really deemed safe. So it didn't seem any worse to use the plastic than the metal with the plastic sealing ring. And of course, it was appealing for it to only be one piece. ;)

I have been trying to find a way to get them to not have any plastic what so ever... perhaps I will find a metal lid with a silicone ring instead (which is a type of glass believe it or not) but until then, the white plastic lids are the best choice for us. If you use something else would you please send me pictures?? I would LOVE to post a set of other peoples versions of this for inspiration to all of those aspiring to be plastic foodware free.



Hi, I'm Jami! said...

I know you wrote this post months ago, but I just found it today by googling glass kids cups or something and I am so excited to have found it! We tried using metal lids on our mason jars with a hole punched in them and I noticed the hole got rusty so I didn't want to use them like that. I never knew plastic lids existed and I am so excited! I already ordered a set from Amazon. Next on my grocery list is finding some sort of inexpensive silicone or similar cover to put the jar in to prevent breaking. I'm thinking like a cushy can holder that will fit on the jar.
Anyways, I glanced through some of your other posts and think I've found a good blog to read!

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Hi Jami! I am so glad you found me. :)

We use these cups every single day and soon after I posted this I purchased some stainless straws (we ran out of the other... perfect timing!). I have been THRILLED with their success and we haven't broken one yet (not even the toddler!). Hope you have the same result.

One tip... remember to drill a tiny pilot hole in the lid before drilling the larger hole for the straw... this helps with less breakage.




Zane's Photography said...

Hi there, I am in search for a glass straw sippy cup for my daughter and saw your blog. What a great idea!!! I was wondering if you'd be able to make 4 and sell it to me :-) I am serious.. I sadly do not have a driller. Thanks!

squirrelbandit said...

For a cover use an old wool sock or a felted sweater sleeve or other felted wool tube hemmed at one end to protect your mason jar. It takes twenty minutes to make handsewing and will last years.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

squirrelbandit - That is a great idea! My only thought whould be that they may slip out of the wool and drop. As it stands, it has been over a year and we STILL have not broken one! lol! Six sit in my cupboard and look cute every day and we use them all the time. I got some cute little red and white striped plastic straws for the holidays (reusable plastic, not the throw away kind) and I love those for now, but our normal go-to straws are the stainless steal ones.

Hope you are all having a beautiful day!



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