Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Local Living Days

This is where normally I would post about all the wonderful things I was able to find at market... but today, it is even more local than that! Every bit of this is out of my own back yard!

Most of my garden this year was a failure. I don't say that lightly. I had more failed crops this year than all the other years I have gardened combined. And that has been very hard on me. I have gotten a few zucchinis, some carrots, lettuce, a few cherry tomatoes, peas, herbs, and a few yellow squash out of there... but other than that, my harvest is limited to what you see in this basket. For a whole year. OUCH!

I have to admit though, this is a beautiful basket!! On one side we have sunflowers, jalapeno peppers, our only three ears of corn, and a bunch of dumpling squash. On the other side we have current tomatoes, our own crop of green beans, and a small batch of pesto basil. Hoping the mild weather these last few days will hold so we can get another small batch of basil and green beans like this.

I love gardening, but on years like this it is hard. I have thrown more rain soaked crops, split tomatoes, and rotten squash away than I would ever like to repeat... and the rainy week has not helped my gardening mood. However, I am excited to say that we are looking towards building a hoop house over two of the garden beds, and seeing what we can bring out early next year. It can only get better from here!




Frannie said...

I think this has been the worst gardening year for most people out there...especially here on the west coast. That just means we can only get better from here, right? But, the few things you got look beautiful. enjoy

Anonymous said...

I did not even try for a garden this year, its been pouring rain at least once a week, even my potted plants are dying :( Lets hope next year is better!

Shirley said...

Yeah, this year has about made me want to quit even trying.....

kariwhite said...

We had a really bad year here, too! I was worried that it was something we did or didn't do, but reading about all of the other gardeners' failures gives me hope for next year.

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