Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Review of Mama K's Play Clay

My kids have spent the last two hours playing with this stuff. It smells AMAZING! Even the lavender (which I am not normally fond of in 'fake' smells) smells incredible. Probably because it isn't fake. Each small ball of play dough is infused with essential oils... making it smell great, and also making it safe for the littlest to play with without worry of ingestion and having to use your poison control number. Each color comes in it's own small resealable container with an attached lid. A favorite for this mama who lost a gazillion play dough tops as a kid and was made to search for them for hours. My children will not be scared in that way. (Just kidding Mom!)

The smells she chooses are an aromatherapy in themselves! Sweet Orange, Burgamot, and Lemongrass are a few of the other scents... awww... makes me feel like playing with them. :) Got a thumbs up from all three kids. (Which is quite the age range.)




Vic said...

They look great! Maybe I'll try putting some essential oils into our homemade playdough. Vic xx

Rebecca K. said...

check the ingredients- if there is a large amount of salt in it, it COULD be toxic.

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