Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Around Our City ~ Farm Tour #2

First stop is the chickens. We get to feed them the scraps from the farm...

And perhaps get to see a few eggs being collected.

Next stop, hay ride to the apple orchard. This took much longer than we could have walked it, but it was super fun for the kids to get pulled by a real working tractor!

At the apple orchard we picked enough for two gallons of cider to take home. One to freeze and one for right now.

And of course, what is cider, without a toddler bitten apple or two between the tree and the press?

We carried the apples back to the farm house to be cleaned, pressed and bottled.

Terry's Berries is a wonderful farm and only 7 miles from our house. This is where I go when my shares at the CSA stop coming in the winter. They have a little farm store open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays year round that provides food from local vendors as well as some imports that are organic. Their staff are friendly, their products are AMAZING, and they have lots of things to see and do during the Autumn months.



ColorSlut said...

Looks like an amazing trip. Fresh apples - is there anything better?

Rebecca K. said...

COOL! so is this like a special event you went to? or can you just go there anytime and press cider?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

Nope this is every day, and each weekend I think they have the press. They may have it all the time right now Rebecca. You could call them. I'll put in the link for the website right now. :)



Bending Birches said...

how sweet!!

Amy said...

I never thought about freezing cider! Val, do you leave it in the plastic gallon, or do you open the gallon and transfer it to other containers? I am afraid it would swell while frozen if I left it in the plastic gallon. What do you suggest?

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I freeze it right in the gallon. I have also frozen it in the square plastic containers and in gallon jars (like my pantry ones). I have never had an issue with breakage or leaking. Although I leave the top off until they are completely frozen and then put them back on. :)

Good luck! It is great for those nights when hot cocoa just won't cut it, but you want SOMETHING warm and sweet. :)

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