Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Around our city ~ Farm Tour #3

Today is a beautiful day! In fact, it is the ONLY beautiful day we have had in over a week now. And, unfortunately, the only one in the forecast future. So we decided to take advantage of it. Don took the day off and we headed out on our Pumpkin Patch farm tour. The first farm we visited Picha's farm in Puyallup, was closed until 3pm (which is during nap time in this house)... so we decided to look for another one. And we found Scholtz Farm!

They had all sorts of features out for the harvest season. Their animals were all ready to be petted and watched, and one of the hands told a story about one of the pigs escaping into the corn field (which is a maze) only to come home a bit late for dinner when they were sure 'Mrs Piggy' was gone for good.

But of course, what fun with animals can be complete without Cyan having a close encounter or two:

The pony nibbled her hand pretty good and although it was scary, he was looking for apples, not little girl fingers, so she was fine. After a brief hug from mom and then dad, she was able to go make up with the pony again and feed him some dandelions she found in the pumpkin patch.

We picked up some beautiful pumpkins and quite a few of my favorite squash.

The Delicata!

It was a great sunny day trip!



Shirley said...

Great family photo! BTW Friday is looking pretty decent but then it's back to rain. BLECH!

pink and green mama MaryLea said...

Good golly mama, you don't even look pregnant!

Based on that photo, I think your son will be taller than you next year! : )

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I know it MaryLea... He is already 5'7"... I am just shy of 6 ft although you can't tell in this picture cus the thing was set on a log... lol! It makes us all look about 6 inches shorter than we are. We all stood in front of it anyhow, cuz it was so cute!

Pregnancy shows very tight on me. Even at 6 months and more, people will not just assume I am pg. It could be dangerous... lol! But for me, it is terribly uncomfortable. The idea of another three months is kinda kicking my butt at this moment. My babies are SO inside my body that I can hardly move sometimes. Anyhow... whine over. Have a wonderful evening!



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